Examination Hand Gloves


Examination Hand Gloves


Designed for hospital and healthcare work, our exclusive range of Examination Hand Gloves consists of powdered and powder-free Latex gloves, but mainly powder-free Nitrile and Vinyl examination hand gloves, available in a variety of lengths and palm sizes. These disposable gloves offer great dexterity, tactile sensitivity and puncture resistance, as well as liquid and gas resistance. While the powdered Latex variants are designed for the economy segment and may contain proteins that cause allergic reactions, our powder-free, protein-free Latex and Nitrile variants are non-allergic, ambidextrous and offers an incredible grip for dealing with medical instruments. Our powder-free, Vinyl Examination Hand Gloves are food-grade and perfect for any work related to the food industry.


Hospital work, Healthcare, Pharma Industry and Food industry.