Industrial Finger Cots


Industrial Finger Cots


Providing "safety hand in hand" all the way to the fingertips, our Industrial and Surgical Finger Coats are ideal for working with small parts and nimble industrial work, where fully gloved hands can be detrimental. Made from natural latex rubber, these Finger Coats provide working comfort to professionals in electronics and mechanical work, as well as to those practicing delicate surgical work in the medical field. Being just as useful in the construction industry for cementing as it is in the jewelry industry, our Finger Coats are incredibly durable and versatile. Made to minimize the effects of perspiration, body oils, salts, and cream, our Finger Coats are useful for keeping moisture and dirt from affecting cuts, stitches, or injured fingers, during work. They can also be used at home to apply ointment to kids or pets in a more hygienic way.


Jewellery industry, Minute Industrial work (watch industry), Cement industry, Packing Industry