Jyot Electrical Shockproof Rubber Hand Gloves


Jyot Electrical Shockproof Rubber Hand Gloves


Manufactured using advanced machinery and specially compounded Latex that offers excellent dielectric properties, our Electrical Shockproof Seamless Rubber Gloves offer the best protection from domestic and work-related electrical hazards. Designed to be flexible, strong and durable, they provide multiple levels of electrical shock protection and ensure professionals across industries that deal with any electric wiring or equipment, work with safety hand in hand.


Electricians, Utility Workers, Linemen, Power Generation Plants, Construction Work, Electrical Contractors.


The following gloves are available in Lengths: 385mm, 410mm


Each and every Electrical Shock Proof Rubber Glove: is tested in our very own laboratory. will have a certificate provided for is tested at Erda, Baroda (Govt. Recognized Laboratory)